Our Story

Our story is defined by mindful innovation through progress and change. Leaf + Branch represents a clean and new brand of nutritive skin and nail care solutions.

Once a sapling, our body grows and advances with age. At Leaf + Branch, our creations are designed to care for your every limb, empowering you to blossom and flourish with confidence. We aim to nourish your skin and nails with therapeutic formulas crafted with the very best nature has to offer.

Rooted in science, the Leaf + Branch brand was developed and formulated by a pharmacist and team of experts who recognize the proper care your body deserves. Our team of experts select the finest ingredients while employing the best testing methods to ensure our products meet the highest standards, making Leaf + Branch a brand you and your doctors can trust.

Our promise to you is complete satisfaction and a transparent approach – no clever marketing and vague language. We take pride in our collection and are committed to helping you make the best choices for your health and body.

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